3 Steps To Make Your Fish Survive Longer

Many People who love to have an aquarium with eye-catching fishes at their home always suffer from a problem of how to keep their fish alive at least for few months. But a fact is that lifespan of a typical aquarium fish is of years and not months. Although this lifespan of aquarium fishes varies from species to species, the minimum lifespan of any type of fish is three years to seven years or longer. Do you know that goldfish can live more than 20 years? But still, many people complain that their goldfishes die just within few months. The lifespan of any fish mainly depends on the aquarium size, type of fish you choose and on how clean you maintain your aquarium.

So to make your fish live longer and healthier, here are few tricks and tips.

1. Get A Free Size Aquarium Tank:

While you take a decision to keep fish at your home, the question you may face is whether to choose a fish glass bowl or an aquarium to keep fish. The answer to this doubt would be, it is always better to choose aquarium rather than fishbowl as fishbowl are very less in space and in size and fish will have no easy movement in it.  Even the oxygen pump and the required filtration equipment are easier to use in aquariums. If you think good size aquariums are costly than you can make a one at less cost by asking your local glass shop.  They will prepare aquarium for less cost by joining glass slabs with the help of silicon to withstand for some time. For these aquariums, you must get filtration equipment and oxygen pipes separately and you should get them attached to your aquarium. To make an aquarium, a beautiful one, you can add few ornaments, artificial plants and also the battery to run the system. You can get all these items from any local aquarium shop.


2. Buy A Healthy Fish And Introduce Them To The New Habitat:

After your aquarium gets ready, fill the aquarium with lukewarm water and should put one drop of anti-chlorine medicine per liter. You can get this medicine easily at any of your nearby pharmacies. If it is your first time, then it is better to not to get an costly species of fish because chances are more that as you have less idea about their care taking, the fish of any type might die little quick while adjusting to the new aquarium’s surrounding.

3. Keep Your Aquarium Clean And Often Change The Water In Your Aquarium:

On every 3rd day or 4th, you should clear 1/3 of water in aquarium and should replace it with lukewarm tap water. And after completion of every half month, you should clear 3/4 of the aquarium water again and must refill it with filtered water. By this process, you can ensure that the healthy and good bacteria are not washed out completely in the aquarium. You should clean the walls of aquarium only with a neat sponge while changing water and you should not use any detergent to clean it.

These are some proven tips that could Offer extra lifetime for your fish. Hope these tips are helpful in making your fish live longer.