Food And Aquarium Tips To Make Your Fish Healthier

Aquarium Fish have greater life span than you expect, they live longer and healthier for many years. Sometimes they even grow very large in an fish tank than they do in nature. In nature, fish food in sea or lake come and rapidly reduces with the change of seasons and they also depend on weather change or climatic patterns. The food available for fish in nature could be very limited, and for them, it even requires a bit or more time and lot of energy to search and find the food. And also in nature, fish which are too weak or could not escape from large fish can become dinner for large fish. Because of all these reasons, aquariums are always the best place for fish to live, though there are few limitations. However, Aquarium fish, often get infections and die unexpectedly. This happens mainly when the aquarium is not well maintained. So a not well-maintained aquarium leads to an unhappy fish, and sometimes even dead ones. Keeping Fish at home is just like taking care of children, we need to have utmost love and care, and should be patient with them. To make your fish to live longer and healthier, the main things you must concentrate were maintained a good aquarium with clean water and providing your fish with a good diet.

Always Choose A Right Fish And Perfect Aquarium For It

For beginners; it is always better to go either with the betta fish or with gold fish for their first time. As fish need free movement, do not overstock your aquarium with plenty of fishes and artificial plants. Maintain one fish for every 20 liters of water in your aquarium. This margin is for fish that are not longer than two inches.  For larger fish that are longer than two inches, different measurements will be used.

When you buy the fish from the shop, they will give you in water and oxygen filled a plastic bag. When you bring that bag from the shop, put it as it is, in your aquarium for at least 1 hour, so that the fish in the plastic bag can adjust to the temperature of your aquarium. After an hour, you can transfer the fish into the aquarium, along with the water that is present in the plastic bag.

Maintain Perfect Feeding Schedule For Your Fish:

One of the main reasons for the death of aquarium fish is because of overfeeding. So, you should always keep a scheduled and limited diet for your fish and should feed them only once or twice a day.

Your fish feeding schedule for the week should be as follows:

First day: Food that you get from aquarium shop.

Second Day: Food that you get from aquarium shop.

Third day: a slice of cucumber.

Fourth day: Food that you get from aquarium shop.

Fifth day: one regular pea that is lightly boiled, smashed and crushed.

Sixth day: Food that you get from aquarium shop.

Seventh Day: a few tomato or cabbage or lettuce pieces for the fish to nibble on.

As Fish usually can’t sense the taste of fruits, it is always best to stick to vegetables.

Keep in mind; if you want your fish to enjoy its life in the aquarium, then you need to give them the best in terms of food and aquarium you can afford.

7 Tips To Keep Your Pet Fish Happy And Healthy

7 Tips To Keep Your Pet Fish Happy And Healthy

Owning a pet comes with a lot of responsibilities. And just like humans need to be healthy and happy so does your pet. You may think that having a fish for a pet will not require much. This is wrong; they need just as much as any other pet. They need to be happy and healthy.

Here are seven tips you can use to keep your pet in perfect shape:


Clean The Fish Tank Regularly

Have you ever been in a dirty place? If no, then thank God; if yes, you know what I am talking about. Having your place of living being crowded with dirt makes life very uncomfortable and unbearable. The same thing goes for animals. Therefore, do not oppress your fish with a dirty aboard. Algae can cause depletion of oxygen in the water as well cause other adverse effects.


Feed It With The Right Foods And Regularly

Humans are not the only creatures that require a balanced diet so that they can thrive and have a healthier and active life. Therefore, feed them with fish meals, fish oils, wheat starch, and others. When their nutrition is balanced, and they are not starving, you will have healthier and more active fishes in the tank.


Do Not Overcrowd The Tank

Never overcrowd your fish tank. Fishes need room to roam about and explore the environment. Therefore, do not be tempted to put a lot of fishes together because you do not want to spend on another fish tank. They are happier when they can roam about without any collisions. Our guest afishionado writer from Painters Brisbane Northside says that “freedom of movement is essential”.


Ensure That The Water Has The Appropriate Ph Levels Always

Looking at the Ph of water, we are talking about the acidity levels and the alkalinity levels. When you have a freshwater fish, ensure that the pH levels are very high. This should be between 6.6 and 7.8. On the other hand, when it is a saltwater fish, the pH should be relatively lower but not too low.


. Ensure There Are Objects In The Water Or Places To Hide

More often than not, fishes will hide when they feel nervous or when they want to avoid a lot of light. Therefore, ensure that the tank is not empty. Make sure that there are dark places that it can hide when it needs to feel safe. You can curve out objects using wood, use seashells, plants, and others.


Change The Water More Often

When you change the water in the tank, the fish will always feel fresh, and this is exciting. The sense of freshness will also make them more active. Therefore, you can make a routine to change the water either once a week or after two weeks.


Ensure That The Temperature Is Excellent

Fishes will thrive in water conditions that are excellent. Temperature is very vital when it comes to the comfort of a place. Always ensure that the temperature levels are maintained because the changes in water temperature can easily weaken the fish or even kill them on the extreme side.

Fishes can only thrive in an environment that is enabling. Therefore, never make a mistake to ignore these seven aspects of taking care of your pet fish. Pet fish s are helpless, and without your proper care and maintenance, they will weaken and eventually die.

Thanks to Josh our guest afishionado writer of today’s article.

The Best Pet Fish Guide For Beginners

The Best Pet Fish Guide For Beginners

Growing up, almost everyone wanted to have a pet. Well, things have changed nowadays because even adults will always look for pets to keep them entertained and to keep them company. When it comes to pet fish s, most adults will use them for beautifying their homes with the beauty of an aquarium. Regardless of the reason, if you are a beginner, what kind of fish is best for you?

What To Look For While Selecting A Pet Fish For Beginner?

There are quite many factors that you should consider, and these are as follows


What are you looking forward to spending to get a pet fish? Remember, the cost will determine the simplicity of keeping that particular fish and also how rare the fish is among other factors. Therefore, sit down and estimate what you will like to spend on getting the fish and also maintaining it on a monthly basis.

The Nutrition:

There is a wide range of pet fishes to elect from. All these fishes have different foods that they must be supplied with. This means that one fish food may be the last option for another fish. Therefore, always consider what kind of food you want your fish to eat so that you can know the fish you need.

How Easy It Is To Care For It:

Not every fish is easy to care for. There are others that need a lot of extra care because of their delicate nature. Therefore, when you pick your first pet fish, always go for the one that is easy to care for. This is because you are still learning and if you pick a complicated fish and fail to take care of it appropriately, you may end up killing it.

Now that you have your list of things to look at before purchasing your pet fish, the following are the best pet fishes for beginners.

The Choices You Have

Pet fishes come in two types; those that thrive in freshwater and those that thrive in the salty water this means that if you take the freshwater fish, you have to ensure that the water conditions are excellent for the fish to thrive in. This is also applicable for the salty water fishes. These fishes can further be categorized as cold water pet fishes, or heated water pet fished.

Ease of maintenance will greatly depend on the type of fish you select. For example, with heated water pet fish s, you will require a heating system installed in the tank. However, with coldwater fishes, you only need to keep the water at room temperature.

Having looked at that, the following are the best freshwater pet fish s for beginners.

Coldwater Fish:

White Cloud, BloodfinTetras, and Gold Fish.

Heated Water Fish:

Betta, Danios, Black Skirt Tetras, Swordtails, and Black Molly.

Saltwater Pet Fish:

Hawkfish, Clownfish, Cardinalfish, and Gobies.

When you start thinking about pet fishes, these guidelines will help you get the best fish that you will easily take care of and be happy with it. Now, you can march to that pet store and make your choice with all the confidence that we have provided you with.

5 Easy Fish Tank Care And Maintenance Tips For Beginners

5 Easy Fish Tank Care And Maintenance Tips For Beginners

Now that you have a pet fish, the next big thing in your mind should be how to take care of it and even more important how to clean its tank. Just like you need a clean environment to thrive so does fishes. Therefore, take great care of the fishes by cleaning their tank.

5 simple guides on how to go about it

Change The Aquarium Water As Often As You Can

This is very vital. Stagnant water is the worst place a fish can stay in. Even so, this stagnant water can be the best place for your fish only if you keep changing the water and keeping things fresh more often. Every time you are changing the water, not only are you subjecting your fish to a cleaner environment, but you are ensuring that the tank is clean. When you do not, and algae build up, not only will the fish suffer because of lack of oxygen, it will also make the tank look unpleasant and disgusting.

Place The Tank On A Very Steady Surface

You must always support your fish tank on a very steady and stable place. This way, you do not risk the supporting surface to collapse under the weight of the tank which may result in breakage and harm to the fish. A sturdy surface offers better security and especially if the tank is huge.

Inspect The Aquarium Once In A While

Make it a point to inspect your tank on a monthly basis. During these times, check the connections present; check the tubing of the tank, the air stones, and the skimmers among others. This way, you will know what needs replacing or need a repair. By inspecting the tank, you will catch anything that needs your attention before it becomes a real problem to you and your pet fish.

Ensure That You Dechlorinate The Water

We all know that tap water is never without chlorine. You should also know that chlorine is very harmful to fishes because it damages their gills. These gills are very delicate and will always require special conditions, after all, that is their mechanism for breathing. Therefore, always ensure that you dechlorinate the tap water that you use on the tank.

Always Clean The Tank And The Other Supplies

It is vital that you clean your tank’s walls so that there can be maximum light getting to the fish. Also, when you extract the water, ensure that you adequately rinse the filter inserts. Once in a month, ensure that you replace the filter inserts, the Algone, the floss, the cartridges, and the carbon. This ensures that everything is working optimally, gives better living environment, and also does not pose any health risks to the fish.

Cleaning and maintaining a fish tank is not atomic science. It is an easy process and requires a little effort. Therefore, ensure that you always do this so that your pet fish gets the best treatment from you, the best living environment, and the best experience being your pet. Therefore, ensure that you schedule your cleaning appropriately.