Easy Homemade Recipes To Satisfy Your Fish Taste Buds

Keeping fish at home need to have utmost love and care, and should be patient with them. A best and happy aquarium life will be possible to your fish by your love and your attention. You can satisfy them to the core, only by feeding them with the best food and by making sure their habitation is well-maintained. Though, you can avail fish food at shops,  if you really want your pet fish to be healthy, then you should go beyond that commercially bought food and should make your own food for fish. The canned flakes and other food items that you buy from the fish store are generally packed with the required nutrients for your fish. However, preparing food on your own for your adorable fish consists many benefits both to you and your fish. The main benefit of preparing the fish food at home is being able to reduce costs of your fish food. Many fish food can cost u more and it goes on increasing as your fish. 

Regular fish food just about $8 but if you need the fish food that is rich in vitamins and minerals, then it would cost $12 to $15. Even there are fish foods that would cost around $50 to $80  for a single fish which could cross your budget. The second main reason to prepare fish food at home is for a change of flavor that your fish would wish for. If you keep on going fish food that is sold in shops, then your fish will start to hate it by continuously tasting the same food as even we humans can’t eat and digest same food every day. So even they prefer diversity in their food as we do. So here are few easy and best recipes to make tasty fish food at home from my best friend Ted – a certified arborist in Tree lopping Buderim and a fish hobbyist for 10 years.

Recipe 1

Ingredients required to make this food are as follows :

Gelatine (take in required quantity)

Lettuce or mashed carrot or little amount of green peas

Few Crushed fish food granules

Dried bloodworms or the crushed regular frozen dead mud worms

Here is the method to start  preparation :

Mix all the ingredients that include  Lettuce, crushed fish food granules and dried bloodworms in a bowl and cook them all with the water. Quantities of these ingredients will vary depending on how much quantity you want to prepare. Now keep the gelatine and allow the food to cool a bit. Take a redundant, covered ice tray and pour this whole mixture into that tray. Now freeze this mixture for some time and later serve it to your fish in the required amount to satisfy its taste buds.

Recipe 2

Here are Ingredients required:

Carrots or broccoli or lettuce,
yams or oranges or apples or any type of fruits
Crab and Shrimp legs with shells

Method of Procedure:

Put all the above-mentioned ingredients in a mixer and make it to a paste. You can add some carrot juice or sweet potato juice or simply water if the paste appears too thick. Set this paste aside. Now boil 150 ml of water and add this water to the unflavored gelatin. Mix this gelatin and above-prepared vegetable mixture together. Take this whole mixture into a pan and store this in a refrigerator. When the mixture gets harden, then you can place the mixture in small bags for use.