5 Easy Fish Tank Care And Maintenance Tips For Beginners

Now that you have a pet fish, the next big thing in your mind should be how to take care of it and even more important how to clean its tank. Just like you need a clean environment to thrive so does fishes. Therefore, take great care of the fishes by cleaning their tank.

5 simple guides on how to go about it

Change The Aquarium Water As Often As You Can

This is very vital. Stagnant water is the worst place a fish can stay in. Even so, this stagnant water can be the best place for your fish only if you keep changing the water and keeping things fresh more often. Every time you are changing the water, not only are you subjecting your fish to a cleaner environment, but you are ensuring that the tank is clean. When you do not, and algae build up, not only will the fish suffer because of lack of oxygen, it will also make the tank look unpleasant and disgusting.

Place The Tank On A Very Steady Surface

You must always support your fish tank on a very steady and stable place. This way, you do not risk the supporting surface to collapse under the weight of the tank which may result in breakage and harm to the fish. A sturdy surface offers better security and especially if the tank is huge.

Inspect The Aquarium Once In A While

Make it a point to inspect your tank on a monthly basis. During these times, check the connections present; check the tubing of the tank, the air stones, and the skimmers among others. This way, you will know what needs replacing or need a repair. By inspecting the tank, you will catch anything that needs your attention before it becomes a real problem to you and your pet fish.

Ensure That You Dechlorinate The Water

We all know that tap water is never without chlorine. You should also know that chlorine is very harmful to fishes because it damages their gills. These gills are very delicate and will always require special conditions, after all, that is their mechanism for breathing. Therefore, always ensure that you dechlorinate the tap water that you use on the tank.

Always Clean The Tank And The Other Supplies

It is vital that you clean your tank’s walls so that there can be maximum light getting to the fish. Also, when you extract the water, ensure that you adequately rinse the filter inserts. Once in a month, ensure that you replace the filter inserts, the Algone, the floss, the cartridges, and the carbon. This ensures that everything is working optimally, gives better living environment, and also does not pose any health risks to the fish.

Cleaning and maintaining a fish tank is not atomic science. It is an easy process and requires a little effort. Therefore, ensure that you always do this so that your pet fish gets the best treatment from you, the best living environment, and the best experience being your pet. Therefore, ensure that you schedule your cleaning appropriately.