Food And Aquarium Tips To Make Your Fish Healthier

Aquarium Fish have greater life span than you expect, they live longer and healthier for many years. Sometimes they even grow very large in an fish tank than they do in nature. In nature, fish food in sea or lake come and rapidly reduces with the change of seasons and they also depend on weather change or climatic patterns. The food available for fish in nature could be very limited, and for them, it even requires a bit or more time and lot of energy to search and find the food. And also in nature, fish which are too weak or could not escape from large fish can become dinner for large fish. Because of all these reasons, aquariums are always the best place for fish to live, though there are few limitations. However, Aquarium fish, often get infections and die unexpectedly. This happens mainly when the aquarium is not well maintained. So a not well-maintained aquarium leads to an unhappy fish, and sometimes even dead ones. Keeping Fish at home is just like taking care of children, we need to have utmost love and care, and should be patient with them. To make your fish to live longer and healthier, the main things you must concentrate were maintained a good aquarium with clean water and providing your fish with a good diet.

Always Choose A Right Fish And Perfect Aquarium For It

For beginners; it is always better to go either with the betta fish or with gold fish for their first time. As fish need free movement, do not overstock your aquarium with plenty of fishes and artificial plants. Maintain one fish for every 20 liters of water in your aquarium. This margin is for fish that are not longer than two inches.  For larger fish that are longer than two inches, different measurements will be used.

When you buy the fish from the shop, they will give you in water and oxygen filled a plastic bag. When you bring that bag from the shop, put it as it is, in your aquarium for at least 1 hour, so that the fish in the plastic bag can adjust to the temperature of your aquarium. After an hour, you can transfer the fish into the aquarium, along with the water that is present in the plastic bag.

Maintain Perfect Feeding Schedule For Your Fish:

One of the main reasons for the death of aquarium fish is because of overfeeding. So, you should always keep a scheduled and limited diet for your fish and should feed them only once or twice a day.

Your fish feeding schedule for the week should be as follows:

First day: Food that you get from aquarium shop.

Second Day: Food that you get from aquarium shop.

Third day: a slice of cucumber.

Fourth day: Food that you get from aquarium shop.

Fifth day: one regular pea that is lightly boiled, smashed and crushed.

Sixth day: Food that you get from aquarium shop.

Seventh Day: a few tomato or cabbage or lettuce pieces for the fish to nibble on.

As Fish usually can’t sense the taste of fruits, it is always best to stick to vegetables.

Keep in mind; if you want your fish to enjoy its life in the aquarium, then you need to give them the best in terms of food and aquarium you can afford.