7 Tips To Keep Your Pet Fish Happy And Healthy

Owning a pet comes with a lot of responsibilities. And just like humans need to be healthy and happy so does your pet. You may think that having a fish for a pet will not require much. This is wrong; they need just as much as any other pet. They need to be happy and healthy.

Here are seven tips you can use to keep your pet in perfect shape:


Clean The Fish Tank Regularly

Have you ever been in a dirty place? If no, then thank God; if yes, you know what I am talking about. Having your place of living being crowded with dirt makes life very uncomfortable and unbearable. The same thing goes for animals. Therefore, do not oppress your fish with a dirty aboard. Algae can cause depletion of oxygen in the water as well cause other adverse effects.


Feed It With The Right Foods And Regularly

Humans are not the only creatures that require a balanced diet so that they can thrive and have a healthier and active life. Therefore, feed them with fish meals, fish oils, wheat starch, and others. When their nutrition is balanced, and they are not starving, you will have healthier and more active fishes in the tank.


Do Not Overcrowd The Tank

Never overcrowd your fish tank. Fishes need room to roam about and explore the environment. Therefore, do not be tempted to put a lot of fishes together because you do not want to spend on another fish tank. They are happier when they can roam about without any collisions. Our guest afishionado writer from¬†Painters Brisbane Northside¬†says that “freedom of movement is essential”.


Ensure That The Water Has The Appropriate Ph Levels Always

Looking at the Ph of water, we are talking about the acidity levels and the alkalinity levels. When you have a freshwater fish, ensure that the pH levels are very high. This should be between 6.6 and 7.8. On the other hand, when it is a saltwater fish, the pH should be relatively lower but not too low.


. Ensure There Are Objects In The Water Or Places To Hide

More often than not, fishes will hide when they feel nervous or when they want to avoid a lot of light. Therefore, ensure that the tank is not empty. Make sure that there are dark places that it can hide when it needs to feel safe. You can curve out objects using wood, use seashells, plants, and others.


Change The Water More Often

When you change the water in the tank, the fish will always feel fresh, and this is exciting. The sense of freshness will also make them more active. Therefore, you can make a routine to change the water either once a week or after two weeks.


Ensure That The Temperature Is Excellent

Fishes will thrive in water conditions that are excellent. Temperature is very vital when it comes to the comfort of a place. Always ensure that the temperature levels are maintained because the changes in water temperature can easily weaken the fish or even kill them on the extreme side.

Fishes can only thrive in an environment that is enabling. Therefore, never make a mistake to ignore these seven aspects of taking care of your pet fish. Pet fish s are helpless, and without your proper care and maintenance, they will weaken and eventually die.

Thanks to Josh our guest afishionado writer of today’s article.